Jonathan Sealey

Jonathan Sealey is chief executive of Hope Capital

A good solicitor will know that it is best to avoid a ‘drip drip’ approach.

A bridging loan is not the same as a traditional mortgage, and therefore, the expertise needed to see the process through is not the same either.

Really looking at a case at the outset may sound obvious, but every lender knows that it doesn’t always happen.

While bridging loans offer a range of solutions, they also present a number of challenges.

The new HMO rules came into effect last week

Bridging lenders and brokers need to be aware that if rates rise it may affect the borrowers’ exit strategy.

Communication really does appear to be key.

The trouble is, comical as Walliams’ satire is, the ‘computer says no’ culture is actually a lot more prevalent than we care to admit. And even worse than ‘computer says no’ is ‘computer says yes’ and then changes its mind to say no again.

I am excited about where the future might lead us.

Bridging in 2018

Mortgage delays were cited as the most popular reason for obtaining a bridging loan in Q3 this year, while average LTVs reached 49.6% during Q3 this year.