Jonathan Sealey

Jonathan Sealey is chief executive of Hope Capital

Lenders should stick to what they know and what they are good at.

If it was a simple solution it would have been in place many years ago.

Commentators should be rightly concerned of any increase in this sort of bridging.

The appearance of ‘business as usual’ could well help it to become a self-fulfilling prophesy

The biggest risk will be if a platform itself goes down

A more versatile approach is vital if future dreams are to be realised and we, and the world around us, continue to evolve.

Uncertain times

I have never known a time in the market where people have felt so much uncertainty.

While I do feel that ultimately all areas of lending will be regulated, the more open, reasonable and fair both lenders and brokers are now, the less the regulator will feel the need to impose strict rules and regulations

Beware of Yes lenders

Cheapest is not always best and there is no replacement for good knowledge of the market and the lenders within it

We for one are looking to Scotland as one of the significant growth areas of the next year