Mark Dryden

Mark Dryden is business development director at ‎360Dotnet

This is a long and slow burn.

An end-to-end system needs the collaboration and coordination of the industry, not individual players.

Open Banking has been broken since day one and Facebook isn’t helping.

Robo-advice certainly has the potential to deliver changes to society as a whole, albeit probably not to heights of smartphone cameras or lightweight structural carbon fibre.

GDPR where context is king

As the industry begins to wake up to the new realities of how GDPR will affect the financial services sector, it is worth describing the context.

Mark Dryden (pictured) is business development director at  360 Dotnet The “Right to Erasure”, rather than being the opportunity to expose the works of Andy…

Mary Dryden is business development director at 360Dotnet The exception of surprise birthday parties, we shouldn’t do something on behalf of or to an individual…

Within the financial services sector, already fatigued by a constant rhythm of regulatory changes, there might be the temptation to sit back when it comes to GDPR,