Mark Davies

Mark Davies is managing director of Link Mortgage Services

A key driver going forward will not be the consumers of today but those rapidly coming up on the inside track and whose values will demand better behaviour. 

Walking the talk of trust

Adaptability rarely comes quickly when one size has to fit all.

The challenge (for every service-business) is that excellent service management begins with design.

The Bank of England base rate might be at historic lows but this holiday idea does not come without issues further down the line.

A bug in the system

From the here and now to the future, how we handle risk really matters yet our way of doing so is still largely unchanged.

A decade on from the banking crisis, we know consumers are still highly sceptical of banks’ motives.

Fiddling while Rome burns

Market investors are drawn to the better yields of HMOs.

Banks hold the aces

Rather than product switching within their four walls, the high street will have the facilities to broker the clients mortgage themselves.

What if technology, as I firmly believe, allows us to go beyond processing and making digital more efficient versions of old processes?

Volatility has its challenges but businesses that have the capacity to scale operationally will deliver.