Mark Davies

Mark Davies is managing director of Link Mortgage Services

Fiddling while Rome burns

Market investors are drawn to the better yields of HMOs.

Banks hold the aces

Rather than product switching within their four walls, the high street will have the facilities to broker the clients mortgage themselves.

What if technology, as I firmly believe, allows us to go beyond processing and making digital more efficient versions of old processes?

Volatility has its challenges but businesses that have the capacity to scale operationally will deliver.

Mark Davies is managing director of Link Mortgage Services.

Preparing for problems

Mark Davies from Link Mortgage Services discusses how to prepare for problems in a world of evolving technology.

Like it or not, one size fits all will not help mortgage prisoners.

Stormy weather

The collapse of Amicus and retirement of Fleet and Secure Trust Bank from new business lending underline how fragile the mortgage industry is.

Proper management of these loans and the processes for recouping losses in the sector now requires levels of expertise previously not required.