Matthew Cumber

Matthew Cumber is MD of Countrywide Surveying Services

Demand from a variety of homebuyers continues to stoke the housing market fire and, when combined with limited housing stock, it’s little wonder that prices continue to rise across the UK.

As an industry, it’s fair to say we have been fortunate in the fact that we have been able to operate at capacity for much of this time.

Make no mistake, successful recruitment is a heady mix of planning, resource, processes and a sprinkling of luck along the way.

Longevity appears to have become an attribute which can sometimes fly under the radar. As an industry we have become obsessed with innovation, evolution and technology.

The world continues to change at pace around us. Imagine travelling back to this date in 2020 and having the timeline for the next 12 months laid out in front of you.

In my previous article just before Christmas, I lauded the recent Mortgage Introducer awards as being one of the most memorable events I’d virtually attended and this wasn’t just because I hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol throughout the award ceremony itself.

Embracing the benefits of tech

If someone had told me this time last year that I’d be sat at my desk on a Thursday afternoon watching Robyn Hall introducing Toploader from a plush hotel lobby then – putting this politely – I may have thought that person had been to one awards ceremony too many.

Surveyors have long been an army of people equipped with a clipboard who diligently travel the length and breadth of the UK to ensure that the wheels of the housing and mortgage market keep turning.

Has normal service resumed?

From a surveying perspective, the volume of instructions is currently at a level that I for one can’t remember seeing for many years, if ever.