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73% of Millennials didn’t know the difference between a bank and building society, nearly half (48%) couldn’t name any advantage and a third (33%) stated that they could see no reason to use a building society.

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That was according to research from online estate agents HouseSimple.com

Brokers can filter the latest news and articles, use the site on mobiles and tablets, watch videos focusing on specialist content from experts and quickly find the information they need via a new search bar.

MPs debate SDLT holiday

One bedroom flat in London costs the same as a six bed house

The data, which combines both private landlord and agency listings, found that 63.8% of renters who need to move want to do so less than one month after making their first enquiry.

In October 2017 the transaction count increased by 1.7% from September 2017 and by 9.2% compared to October 2016.

The number of challenger firms in the market – completing between 100 and 500 transactions per month – grew 54% from Q2 to Q3.

stamp duty

This would give an additional hand up, similar to the added fee imposed for second homeowners and buy-to-let landlords, but in the reverse.

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There are now 11 house-hunters for every residential property up for sale in the UK.