Mortgage Introducer

Mortgage Introducer

Beleaguered property investors are turning their attention from buy-to-let to holiday lets, in a bid to escape the regulatory and taxation changes in the private rented sector.

Brexit uncertainty could lead to more Britons holidaying in the UK, bolstering demand for holiday let rental homes. This could happen during 2019, in an already growing rental market space.

Despite some turbulence in the financial markets, results revealed that the bridging market grew by 18% last year while the housing market remained flat.

Don’t rely on old systems which may have been overtaken in the tech race.

I can’t see a GI sales process built on asking more questions going far.

Advice or mortgage advisers are hardly flavour of the month at the regulator’s offices in Westfield

NatWest cuts rates

These include reductions of up to 0.22% on its semi-exclusive 2-year fixed rate purchase deals and up to 0.31% on its semi exclusive 5-year buy-to-let fixed rate remortgage deals.

The Money Group aims to have 20 sub-brands and over 100 advisers by 2020.

CLS Money, which was established in 2011, said most cases were introduced to non-high street lenders.

The financial services sector has created its own barriers to entry with technical language that alienates the very people we want to help.