Mortgage Introducer

Mortgage Introducer

It was fantastic to hear how the Charter has extended its reach to cover over 800,000 financial services personnel.

Martin Cheek (pictured) is managing director of SmartSearch Not only is money laundering a crime in itself, but it is an enabler for more serious crime. The…

While Marie Kondo primarily focuses on the home, there may be some important lessons here for brokers too.

We’re left with large numbers of individuals who could undoubtedly benefit from financial advice, not seeking it.

Lisa Buckley, head of marketing and mortgage sales at Leek United, outlines the opportunities for second home mortgages and how a second home can be a useful asset when planning for the future.

You could say I simply fell in to the mortgage industry, which I have come to love and am proud to be part of.

With so much wealth transferring between generations, these conversations are more important than ever before.

There are many cost-effective systems which can automate much of the work.

We have to shout louder at the younger generations of women about the career opportunities available to them in financial services.

This is double the step up in price in 2008, which was £37,225.