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Neal Jannels OMS
Neal Jannels OMS

As coronavirus infection rates continue to rise across the UK, could we be facing a full-scale second lockdown throughout the UK? And what might this mean for the intermediary market?

Neal Jannels OMS

Technology is no longer an alien concept to anyone.

Beware of the systems and solutions which market themselves as being free but have a multitude of hidden costs.

Neal Jannels OMS

Look around you

We should always be learning from a variety of sectors.

Neal Jannels OMS

We are all working hard to adapt, evolve and innovate how and where we can.

It’s all about working smarter, not necessarily harder. In many ways’ dogs are like technology.

The rise of technology

When was the last time you peered into the window of an estate agents and spent time browsing the properties on offer?

Protection and general insurance are areas which sit closest to the mortgage process, but these remain areas which are being undersold or simply overlooked by all too many mortgage advisers.

The role of fintech

The fintech boom is far from over, but any successful adoption stems from the good old-fashioned skill of asking the right questions.

Neal Jannels OMS

The importance of connectivity

A good tech solution will ensure that users can simply and conveniently source information to feed their business.