Neal Jannels

The importance of connectivity

A good tech solution will ensure that users can simply and conveniently source information to feed their business.

Innovation is collaboration

The sooner firms step into the fast lane, the sooner they will reap the tech rewards over the short, medium and longer-term.

Tech should support and enhance

The best kind of tech is here to support and enhance the needs of a variety of businesses, not hamper their potential for progress.

In ignoring protection, advisers are missing out on servicing client needs and on a valuable long-standing income stream.

The question is not necessarily how they are backed but how quickly are they able to keep pace with shifts in the market and if their offering is restricted in any way, shape or form.

Beyond the 9-5

Integrating flexibility into operational processes has become vital for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and technology has played a huge role in this transition.

Systems and solutions should not come to market with promises of what they will do but what they can already do.

Don’t rely on old systems which may have been overtaken in the tech race.

There are many cost-effective systems which can automate much of the work.