Paul Hunt

Where’s Jim White?

Like Levy, trust the plan and the messages/style that has been developed and take your time to develop the plan, it will be worth it.

Truth, Share, Repeat?

If lenders can eventually update a system once which then feeds and updates everything else, that must be our goal.

Pooling resources and ideas to help raise awareness within the broker market must be a sensible way to go.

Think very carefully about what you want it to achieve (brand awareness, leads etc.) and have a clear idea about your target audience.

I am writing this latest blog whilst watching Uruguay vs France and to be honest, the last few weeks has meant my work schedule (and personal life mostly too) has been set around important matches.

Whilst this is possibly going to extremes, you should take time to assess what your clients see and possibly get an independent person in to look at your office (a relative, friend etc.) and give you feedback with a fresh pair of eyes.

I am honoured to have been invited by Newcastle Building Society this week to talk to a few brokers in their head office about marketing.

It’s now a workplace necessity to have a professional tech presence.

Things will be joined up, eventually…

Brokers need to do more to retain customers.