Paul Hunt

We have a duty not to bury our heads in the sand or take the view that we will be retired before AI really takes hold.

The potential of paid social activity to generate leads should be looked at.

Trusting common sense will usually be the right course of action.

To tweet or not to tweet

Go on take the plunge and tweet me to let me know how you are getting on!

I appreciate that this may be very South East England biased this week, so apologies in advance,…. Soooo did anyone attend Financial Services Expo in London this week?

I appreciate that it is tough to perform consistently and it really does take a lot of planning and discipline.

As a veteran of these shows, plan ahead, download any apps available and decide which stands & seminars you must visit/attend, you’ll thank me for this, trust me!

Where’s Jim White?

Like Levy, trust the plan and the messages/style that has been developed and take your time to develop the plan, it will be worth it.

Truth, Share, Repeat?

If lenders can eventually update a system once which then feeds and updates everything else, that must be our goal.

Pooling resources and ideas to help raise awareness within the broker market must be a sensible way to go.