Paul Hunt

Why always me?

Finally this week, plans for the regulation of estate agents have been proposed and these have been broadly welcomed by the sector and general public.

Time is flying by

It will soon be Christmas, but by using your time wisely, you will be able to help your customers more by being better informed.

By taking this photo, does that data belong to me or to my two furry friends?

Tired of waiting?

small dog videos are always going to be more popular than mortgages.

Oh the irony, no sooner was I lampooning people for acting stupidly in the snow, I swiftly came back down to earth with a bang and slipped on the ice and broke my arm last week!

I found it rather surreal in the City last week, people were blindly walking along in the snow, trying to film their ‘perfect’ snow scene.

I argued that as the average age of a mortgage broker is probably 40+, then the option of paper still has merit and my view is that the digital age should be about choice not reducing options as to how people consume information.

The traditional customers for many brokers are fewer than ever before.

BDMs are a vital resource and so challenge your BDMs to demonstrate and explain how their tech can help you.

I’m sure you feel that the answer to this question is of course, yes, but I’d like to challenge that perception and get you thinking about what this means for your business.