Paul Hunt

See, he can score!

Solutions are becoming available to support brokers and make retention a fairer fight.

My #tenyearschallenge

Paul Hunt is a marketing consultant I am sure you have seen by now thousands of posts showing now and then pictures as part of…

A bird in the hand

Now is the time to start thinking about retention before you lose your clients for good and are unable to fill the hopper with new ones.

Are there any types of customer that you don’t want to see or who may dissuade those you do want to?

Sod it, Merry Christmas

Before I put down my pen for 2018, I’ll leave you with this thought.

Are you a Norman or a Saxon?

Is Doomsday coming? Maybe not, but I’m sure there will be some significant challenges for some in 2019.

Unwelcome surprises can happen at any stage.

Once something like this happens there is no going back.

Ready for Christmas?

Ignoring the specialist sector can no longer be seen as a viable option.

We have a duty not to bury our heads in the sand or take the view that we will be retired before AI really takes hold.