Paul Hunt

Sod it, Merry Christmas

Before I put down my pen for 2018, I’ll leave you with this thought.

Are you a Norman or a Saxon?

Is Doomsday coming? Maybe not, but I’m sure there will be some significant challenges for some in 2019.

Unwelcome surprises can happen at any stage.

Once something like this happens there is no going back.

Ready for Christmas?

Ignoring the specialist sector can no longer be seen as a viable option.

We have a duty not to bury our heads in the sand or take the view that we will be retired before AI really takes hold.

The potential of paid social activity to generate leads should be looked at.

Trusting common sense will usually be the right course of action.

To tweet or not to tweet

Go on take the plunge and tweet me to let me know how you are getting on!

I appreciate that this may be very South East England biased this week, so apologies in advance,…. Soooo did anyone attend Financial Services Expo in London this week?