Peter Joseph

Peter Joseph is CEO at The Moving Hub

Although we expect there will be a rise in enquiries about the new 95% loan-to-value mortgage offers, it remains essential for your clients to consider all their options.

While the stamp duty holiday extension has been well-received by prospective buyers, concerns from professionals are now being raised.

As we continue to adapt our daily lives in response to COVID-19, the property industry adapts too.

Experts predict that post-pandemic property requirements are going to change dramatically.

I believe there will be a mini boom eventually within the sector, clients still want to move for many reasons, lenders are slowly increasing their LTVs and money is, if you still fit the criteria is incredibly cheap.

The new era of conveyancing

One of the most successful models that have been identified is the outsourced model.

After all, a house purchase is not just for Christmas, so make sure your conveyancing partner isn’t either.

The overwhelming consensus for the use of free legals is that they lead to delays.