Rob Clifford

It might be deeply unpopular but perhaps now is the time to cut the 3% surcharge that additional homeowners have to pay.

One giant leap…

There’s no doubting that the mortgage market will take time to get back on its feet but we’ve had some hugely encouraging news in recent days.

I have faith that lenders’ decisions to reduce product ranges, or stop new lending, or pull back on LTV levels, or cancel offers, were sadly unavoidable.

Keep calm and carry on

Many people will be worried about their jobs, their incomes, and their ability to keep providing for their families in the months ahead – you can be the hub of the advice they receive, and can also act as the conduit between the individual and the lender.

The FCA’s recent paper on ‘Mortgage advice and selling standards’ was always going to attract some extreme reactions and that has proven to be the case.

Staying put or being loyal

Many would claim that a large part of the financial services’ sector quite likes customer inertia.

The future looks positive

May I wish all MI readers a very Merry Christmas, and we are certainly looking forward to a prosperous New Year.

There’s a lot to be said for focussing on what you are good at – the provision of advice – and letting a proven and reputable network handle everything else.

The B word

The underlying feeling with any major political issue is that the housing/mortgage market tends to continue ploughing its own furrow regardless.

Taking away this stamp duty burden for large numbers of purchasers could therefore provide a much-needed fillip to the housing market.