Rob Clifford

I wonder if the marketing departments at various lenders are not already dreaming up ‘Surrogate lending’ schemes or products which allow savers to ‘Foster a first-time buyer’.

First-time help

The ball could be back in first-timers’ court for some time to come.

Sadly we can’t ignore the significant burden of responsibility placed upon lenders, in particular, in order to get any mortgage through to completion. Adding the pressure of placing a one-week deadline on this process is unthinkable.

The short-term fix debate

Many people are simply uncertain about what the next two years will bring, let alone the next five or 10 or even more.

I have noticed that each one of the last few years has come with its own natural gear change, as a defining moment which splits…

We’re already seeing this, with the likes of Mansfield Building Society launching very useful products for niches like its recent ‘future valuations’ mortgage for those borrowers who want to fund property improvement.

The 2016 mortgage market should build nicely on what has gone before.

The marketplace in 2016

We will of course continue to have a functioning marketplace but perhaps one that doesn’t quite reach its potential for some years to come.

Retirees need our help

There is clearly momentum developing around the issue of lending to those borrowers whose term might run into retirement

What I think is required is an acceptance from lenders that ‘old age’ doesn’t necessarily start at the same point for every borrower