Rory Joseph & Sebastian Murphy

Demand unlikely to change

This time last month there appeared to be a great deal of media wailing and gnashing of teeth at the latest HMRC residential transaction figures for July.

If you have clients who are looking to remortgage their residential property, are under the 60% LTV threshold, with a strong credit rating, income and affordability to present, then there has perhaps been no better time for them to be coming to market.

Lender, provider and adviser may not live in perfect harmony, side by side on their respective pianos, keyboards, oh lords, etcetra.

The search for stock

If the intervention can continue to stimulate demand – and we can start to get our house in order in terms of supply – then there should be plenty of opportunities for advisers ahead.

diversity inclusion

Back in March, a couple of weeks into Lockdown 1, we chatted to each other about the outlook for the mortgage and housing market, and by definition, our business.

Last month we focused on the pretty significant issue of how a large number of lenders were treating self-employed borrower, and, a month on, we wish we could say expressing this view has resulted in a significant u-turn from all concerned.