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Titlestone was already a Phoebus user and the migration means Paragon’s whole portfolio, with a total value of over £570m, will now be serviced on the Phoebus platform.

The Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee noted that business uncertainty about Brexit is more entrenched, while the risk of a difficult Brexit has led to a depreciation in the value of the pound.

The advisory service also grew its customer count by 28% over that period.

In June more than half (55%) of agents saw landlords hike their rents, a 22% increase from May.

property wealth equity release

Some 7,227 new drawdown lifetime mortgages were taken out in the second quarter. This total was up 5% from Q1 2019 and 2% from Q2 2018.

Following the cuts the lender’s discount rate product include a 2-year product at 2.09% to 65% loan-to-value and a 2-year product at 2.54% to 75% LTV. Both products carry a £1,250 product fee.

In the town the average monthly rent is £351, typical salary is just shy of £25,000, while the average house price is £120,754.

natwest product transfers

NatWest to refresh range

With its intermediary exclusives, 2 and 5-year products from 60-85% LTV NatWest will be cut by up to 0.10% for purchase and 0.15% for remortgage. With buy-to-let there are reductions of up to 0.15% on 2 and 5-year products from 60-75% LTV.

He has won by a substantial margin over Jeremy Hunt, by 92,153 votes to 46,656, and will take over from Theresa May as PM tomorrow.

Technology provider Twenty7Tec has partnered with wealth management group St James’s Place to make MortgageSource the group’s chosen sourcing solution.