Ryan Bembridge

Ryan Bembridge is News Editor at Mortgage Introducer

First Mortgage has over 90 employed mortgage and protection advisers and 14 ‘mortgage shops’. It has a significant presence in Scotland and a smaller reach south of the border.

On Trustpilot the insurer has an average rating of just 2.6/10, described as ‘bad’, while on Google Reviews it’s rated at 2/5.

Few consumers who conduct execution-only business actually understand what they are signing up to.

The products are a 3-year fix at 2.99% to 85% loan-to-value and a 3-year discount at 2.44% to 85% LTV, with a standard valuation fee.

Paramjorthy is a specialist in property conveyancing in conjunction with development work and secured lending.

However, the negativity has lessened, as the latest results show that 23% think it’s a good time to buy and 28% disagree.

Boulger criticised the report’s suggestion that banks should be encouraged to lend less money secured on property and more to people or businesses they consider to be higher risk.

He will remain in the role until at least September in order to help the association identify and appoint a successor.

Aldridge made the announcement on the social media website Facebook, before posting an abridged version on Twitter.

This means that high LTV lending is at its highest ratio since the second quarter of 2017.