Ryan Bembridge

This is my last day working at Mortgage Introducer after more than five years, as I’m travelling to Toronto in Canada for a change of scene.  Given that I’ve been in the market for a decent chunk of my life, I’ve decided to write a piece reflecting on those years.

Titlestone was already a Phoebus user and the migration means Paragon’s whole portfolio, with a total value of over £570m, will now be serviced on the Phoebus platform.

The Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee noted that business uncertainty about Brexit is more entrenched, while the risk of a difficult Brexit has led to a depreciation in the value of the pound.

The advisory service also grew its customer count by 28% over that period.

In June more than half (55%) of agents saw landlords hike their rents, a 22% increase from May.

property wealth equity release

Some 7,227 new drawdown lifetime mortgages were taken out in the second quarter. This total was up 5% from Q1 2019 and 2% from Q2 2018.

Following the cuts the lender’s discount rate product include a 2-year product at 2.09% to 65% loan-to-value and a 2-year product at 2.54% to 75% LTV. Both products carry a £1,250 product fee.

In the town the average monthly rent is £351, typical salary is just shy of £25,000, while the average house price is £120,754.

natwest product transfers

NatWest to refresh range

With its intermediary exclusives, 2 and 5-year products from 60-85% LTV NatWest will be cut by up to 0.10% for purchase and 0.15% for remortgage. With buy-to-let there are reductions of up to 0.15% on 2 and 5-year products from 60-75% LTV.

He has won by a substantial margin over Jeremy Hunt, by 92,153 votes to 46,656, and will take over from Theresa May as PM tomorrow.