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The securitisation was structured using Sterling Overnight Index Average (SONIA) in preparation for the end of LIBOR-based transactions in 2021.

Cordell joined Aldermore in March 2014 having previously held senior finance roles at RSA Insurance Group plc and with the Credit Suisse Group. 

Overall prices are now rising at the lowest rate in almost seven years.

Members of the Air Mortgage Club will now be able to access H&R for Intermediaries’ range of mortgage products for later life customers including its Retirement Interest Only (RIO) product.

Uinsure will now quote for six bedroom properties and provide up to £5,000 cover for specified bikes.

A complaint was made with the Advertising Standards Agency claiming that an email offering “traveller removal” to landowners and agents constituted racial stereotyping.

The latest data from has revealed how current market conditions are impacting the price achieved by home sellers in England and Wales.

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The products have the same benefits as Virgin’s shorter-term range including over payments of up to 10% per annum without penalty, payment holidays and portability.

With the typical starting salary of a newly qualified dentist standing at £34,8401 the average graduate could borrow a mortgage of up to £139,360.

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House prices saw a modest 0.3% month-on-month increase in July after taking account of seasonal factors.