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In the week ending 22 August the number of viewings in the lettings market in London and the Home Counties hit a ten-year high.

The Yorkshire surveyed people across the country as part of its ongoing campaign to improve financial resilience – with a goal of getting an additional 1.8 million non-savers to start putting money away over the next five years.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, the NRLA has said that the government is asking landlords to subsidise struggling renters and rewarding those who are wilfully refusing to pay their rent.

The regulator has already extended the guidance by three months from its original end date at the end of June. 

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The virtual conference will take place on Tuesday 22 Septem

TMG said it will be looking to acquire a number of different types of regulated businesses, including those owned by sole traders, who may be looking to exit the industry within the next two to three years.

Bloor-West brings over 18 years’ industry experience to the role, including 12 years as area director at rightmove.

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Both the website and the packaging system is fully optimised for mobile devices, so brokers can upload and download documents on the go.

the Group is running a ‘Festival of Learning’ through its mortgages division, SimplyBiz Mortgages, featuring events dedicated to niche, later-life and complex lending.

Reliance Bank will now have its products listed on the criteria search platform.