Ryan Fowler

Ryan Fowler is Publishing Editor of Mortgage Introducer, Bridging Introducer and Specialist Finance Introducer

Research uncovered that 14% of homeowners are now considering cancelling their contents insurance.

A fall of 3.8% is forecast between June and August 2020.

The statutory term of the current chair of the OBR, Robert Chote, comes to an end later this year.

However, house prices in May were still up 2.6% on the same month in 2019. 

protection policies

Members can cover tests such as X-rays, ECGs and pathology in full, while reserving a limited out-patient benefit for specialist consultations.

fca fee

The current ban on lender repossessions of homes will also be continued to 31 October 2020.

Mark Lofthouse, CEO Mortgage Brain -

There have now been four straight weeks of increases in the number of ESIS produced from Mortgage Brain’s sourcing systems, with last week seeing a rise of 9.4%.

platform physical valuations

Remote valuations will continue to take place when possible in Scotland and Wales, and applications in these countries that require a physical property valuation will be put on hold until social distancing restrictions have been eased.


Paragon will initially focus on rescheduling visits that were arranged before Government restrictions were put in place and backlog cases.

The rate of second charge mortgage repossessions (as a percentage of outstanding agreements) was 0.06% in the 12 months to March 2020.