Simon Conn

Portugal has always been a popular country with Brits looking to buy abroad and is my number one recommendation for this year.

The opportunity looks enticing, but when considering purchasing a property outside of your homecountry, beware of the pitfalls which could cause concern in the future.

I’ve seen a surge in enquiries from people looking to buy abroad in August and September in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, southern Cyprus, USA and Turkey.


Simon’s top tips for 2017 are Malta and Gozo.

Although some clients have put their plans temporarily on hold, there have been very few outright cancellations.

Rural property pitfalls

Make sure you do not get caught out by the different rules and regulations.

If you wish to raise a mortgage to purchase your overseas property there are many different underwriting obstacles you may come up against.

Overseas property in 2016

The overseas property market has always been of interest to investors and people buying a future retirement home.