Simon Jackson

The start of a lending shift?

There is no doubt it will be a busy period and, if lenders are going to hit those targets, taking the foot off the new business peddle might be something they are only able to do for a very limited time.

While, at the time of writing, we are only half-way through Lockdown 2 – in England at least – it’s certainly possible to see a much more robust housing market at work.

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Demand has grown, activity is on the up, and we want that to be maintained.

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Lenders who would normally be offering a large high LTV range may feel that something has needed to give in order to keep working effectively.

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Simon Jackson is managing director at SDL Surveying Being able to show that significant progress is being made within the housing market via house moves…

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We continue to work through our pipeline of cases before moving onto new business, and no-one can be 100% certain of what will come next.

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A watershed moment

‘Time waits for no-one’ and judging by the number of conversations we’ve been having, particularly with a wide range of lender representatives, this current crisis has brought that home perhaps more than at any other.

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Supply and demand

Overall, there’s no doubting that greater levels of supply are going to be required year-on-year for a long time to come.

As unprecedented as Brexit might be, the UK property market has survived blips and crashes in the past.