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September always feels like a ‘new year’ even if we are just four months away from the actual end of one. It must be something to do with school days and going back to that feeling of wearing a new uniform which tended to look new for all of a few days.

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There has been a lot of conjecture around the so-called cliff-edge for transactions come the end of the stamp duty holiday, although it has to be said this has been dissipated by the decision to extend until end of June, followed by the partial holiday until the end of September.

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It’s always fair to say that housing supply continues to fall well short of demand, and even if existing homeowners are more willing to put their properties up for sale, that doesn’t add to the number of new homes required each and every single year.

The start of a lending shift?

There is no doubt it will be a busy period and, if lenders are going to hit those targets, taking the foot off the new business peddle might be something they are only able to do for a very limited time.

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While, at the time of writing, we are only half-way through Lockdown 2 – in England at least – it’s certainly possible to see a much more robust housing market at work.

second charge

Demand has grown, activity is on the up, and we want that to be maintained.

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Lenders who would normally be offering a large high LTV range may feel that something has needed to give in order to keep working effectively.

sdl surveying desktop valuation

Simon Jackson is managing director at SDL Surveying Being able to show that significant progress is being made within the housing market via house moves…

sdl surveying desktop valuation

We continue to work through our pipeline of cases before moving onto new business, and no-one can be 100% certain of what will come next.

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A watershed moment

‘Time waits for no-one’ and judging by the number of conversations we’ve been having, particularly with a wide range of lender representatives, this current crisis has brought that home perhaps more than at any other.