Stuart Wilson

Finding the answers

What are we seeking to change, and who are we seeking to benefit, by pushing the envelope in a technology sense?

There is still work to be done and the equity release market is in a position to lead the way.

The market recognises the inherent problems with the current qualification set-up in the later life space, but we don’t seem to have a regulator which is going to address this.

Advisers need to consider their clients’ current circumstances alongside their future plans when determining the best solution for them.

Are they being served?

In 5-10 years from now, will the Ombudsman still be dismissing similar complaints on a T&C technicality, or will they instead be pausing to ask the client: “Did your adviser talk to you about downsizing protection?”

Equity release is virtuous, not sinful.

You only have to consider the fact that the over 65s in the UK control around £1.4 trillion of housing wealth to appreciate the potential for the retirement lending market.

‘Tis but a scratch

The Black Knight remains in complete denial of his increasingly precarious medical condition to the bitter and rather bloody end.

Tomorrow’s World

We still don’t have the flying car, or the robotic butler, but from an equity release perspective tomorrow’s world is now a lot closer.

Advisers and consumers alike are often confused or completely oblivious to the existence and benefits of enhanced lifetime mortgages.