Tony Ward

Tony Ward is chief executive of Clayton Euro Risk

Europe’s loan portfolio trading market has regained much of its momentum, having stalled in 2016.

‘Before the fiddlers have fled, before they ask us to pay the bill and while we still have the chance, let’s face the music and dance.’

Warning signs aplenty. It certainly isn’t the time to make changes

I believe there is a more efficient way for the government to raise monies – perhaps replacing the tax with a fairer system that might be a flat-rate paid by both buyer and seller.

Good news for smaller lenders!

The new regulation looks to be aiming to set things right – a refinement that’s long overdue.

Time to raise our gaze

So many uncertainties…

A relaxation of capital requirements, to my mind, would not be a good thing. Simplification must not come at the price of security.

Tony Ward talks green belt and planning rules affecting housebuilding ahead of the housing white paper.

There’s no escape, I’m afraid, from Brexit and its related issues.

Ward thinks the biggest threats to UK stability lie overseas