Autumn 2018 a “common sense time” for second independence referendum, says Nicola Sturgeon

Ryan Bembridge

March 9, 2017

Nicola Sturgeon says autumn 2018 would be a “common sense” time for a second independence referendum when it becomes clear what kind of Brexit the UK is heading for.

The SNP’s First Minister said no concrete decision has been made on whether to hold another referendum but told Westminster she wasn’t bluffing about wanting a second vote.

Sturgeon said: “When the outline of a UK deal becomes clear… would be the common sense time for Scotland to have that choice if that’s the route we choose to go down.”

The time is nigh for a rate rise

In the 2014 independence vote Scotland voted to remain by 55% to 45%.

However since then the UK voted to leave the European Union despite 63% in Scotland wanting to Remain, prompting Sturgeon to say another referendum is “highly likely” after the vote.

Polls currently show Scotland is split on whether another referendum should be held.

Richard Hanlon, principal of Mortgage Planners, a brokerage in Dundee, voted Remain but doesn’t think trying to leave the UK is sensible.

He said: “I think Sturgeon’s wasting her time and I can’t see it happening – common sense should prevail.

“I don’t think we are ready to stand on our own two feet.

“Within weeks of the last referendum failing the oil price tanked which leaves a huge whole in our spending.”

He added: “In light of what’s happening with Brexit there’s too much uncertainty already to have another referendum in a year and a half’s time.

“I was hacked off when the UK voted to leave Europe but that doesn’t mean we should leave the United Kingdom.

“It’s a bit like Brexit in that we don’t know what the outcome would be.”


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