Auxilium Partnership links up with UnderwriteMe

Ryan Fowler

May 14, 2020

Auxilium Partnership, the protection club led by Mark Graves, is to use the Protection Platform from UnderwriteMe as part of its effort to increase protection business across the industry.

The Protection Platform is a free system for advisers and allows them to sell multiple products from multiple insurers in one place.

By leveraging the Protection Platform, Auxilium will provide pre-sales underwritten quotes, fully underwritten premiums and buy now prices for advisers.

Mark Graves, CEO of Auxilium Partnership, said: “From launch, Auxilium’s aim was to bring change to a market crying out for innovation.

“We see working with UnderwriteMe as a great way to help advisers become more confident with the protection sale, easing their concerns around what they see as underwriting complexity.

“Whilst our aim remains the same, coronavirus has changed the world around us and the Protection Platform is an even more important tool for helping advisers access the protection their clients need.

“Advisers who have never before focussed on protection can confidently use it to make protection sales quickly and efficiently, thanks to the Protection Platform’s time-saving processes and ability to compare both quality and price.”

Phil Nash, director of sales at UnderwriteMe, added: “The Protection Platform is growing rapidly, with many of the U.K.’s most prestigious life insurance specialists using our software.

“The uptake of the platform throughout Q1 2020 has been great to see with just over 75,000 applications submitted. That’s a 49% uplift on the same period in 2019.

We are proud to add Auxilium Partnership to that list of advocates and look forward to working with them in rolling out the Protection Platform to all the firms they are working with.”

UnderwriteMe launched the Protection Platform in 2015.

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