Aviva joins CIExpert Insight Zone to streamline protection sales

Jessica Bird

September 13, 2021

Aviva has joined the newly-launched CIExpert Insight Zone, which offers a digital dashboard to streamline an adviser’s protection sales and research processes. 

The Insight Zone expands the existing comparison service to investigate the broader aspects of critical illness (CI) and life policy propositions in a visually explorative and educational way.

Since the launch of the Insight Zone in May 2021, CIExpert has reported that the reaction from advisers has been positive.

Carl Parker, national director, self-employed division at Just Mortgages, said: “CIExpert’s new Insurer Insight Zone feature makes it even easier for our advisers to understand the differences between CIC providers and plans.

“The Condition Tracer Tool is excellent in helping advisors and clients understand variations in condition coverage between different policies, and the Added Value Services section is a welcome addition as it helps to further highlight what the client will get from each provider.

“You can tell that many hours of work have gone into developing this feature, so it’s really fantastic that it comes at no extra charge with the CIExpert subscription.”

The Insight Zone extends beyond CI to include information on both personal and business life policies, and includes aspects such as claims stats, product flexibility, age and term limits and added value services, providing advisers access to key information in a single, interactive resource.

Paul Dalgliesh, head of protection propositions at Aviva, said: “The critical illness market continues to evolve and balancing comprehensive coverage alongside adviser and customer understanding remains an ongoing focus for Aviva.

“We’re therefore delighted to be on board with CIExpert’s Insight Zone where the condition tracer tool provides an innovative solution, giving a simple visual representation by condition groups that advisers can use to bring to life the relevance of conditions covered for their clients.

“CIExpert has long been a resource for comparing critical illness and this new feature is another great stride forward in overcoming this hurdle and simplifying the task for advisers.

“Outside of the critical illness definitions, products are continuing to evolve – like the launch of our Aviva DigiCare+ value added services and the ability to access treatment abroad for certain conditions through our Global Treatment option.

“This new analysis tool allows advisers to take into consideration all of these benefits, simplifying the task and offering them the necessary breadth of information and detail, partnered with sophisticated technology to enable them to best advise their clients.”

The newly developed Condition Tracer Tool within the Insight Zone provides an interactive tool that advisers have found invaluable in quickly and accurately showing their clients an overview of the key differences between critical illness, life and business policies, where currently there are hundreds of complex conditions with varying definitions.

Alan Lakey, director at CIExpert, said: “One of the consequences of the past 18 months has been that advisers are having far more virtual interactions with their clients that provide the opportunity to share their screen and talk through the options available to them and present the rationale for their recommendations.

“We believe these new interactive tools will serve both new and experienced advisers in providing a richness of visual support tools to better enable meaningful, needs-based conversations with clients.

“We have worked with insurers to compliment the Insight Zone by providing access to their own sales support tools within the same single protection hub.

“We are delighted that Aviva has decided to support us in providing this service.

“The support of insurers joining the Insight Zone enables us to develop and maintain this service for CIExpert’s existing users at no additional cost.”

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