Aviva launches MyHealthCounts for Business

Nia Williams

March 18, 2010

MyHealthCounts for Business is designed to help companies with 250 or more employees control their sickness absence costs. It helps them gain a clearer understanding of the health of their employees and offers a range of tools to help them tackle their company’s key health risk areas and encourage their employees to take pro-active steps to lead a healthier lifestyle.

MyHealthCounts for Business includes tools to incentivise both the employer and their employees to support maximum take-up and long-term usage of the initiative. Employers can receive up to 100% discount off the cost of MyHealthCounts for Business the following year depending on the proportion of their employees who complete the online health questionnaire and the average health score achieved. Employees receive health and leisure discounts as well as HealthPoints which can be redeemed against health management tools.

Utilising the Q Score system that underpins Aviva’s individual MyHealthCounts service, MyHealthCounts for Business gives companies access to a wide range of reports and insights to help them identify their business’ key health risks. It also recommends appropriate interventions to help them effectively manage and improve their employees’ health.

Employers can purchase a core package of benefits that includes the MyHealthCounts online health risk assessment, health reporting and a choice of internal communications materials.

Employees complete an online health and lifestyle questionnaire to discover how healthy they are compared to 100 other people of the same age and gender. Their Q Score is based on personal health information including BMI, resting heart rate, cholesterol level, blood pressure and lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking and exercise.

An online health coach then helps them set realistic goals and offers them personalised advice and support on the steps they can take to improve and maintain their health. Employees can monitor their Q Score to see how their efforts are improving their health and contributing to their HealthPoints.

Employers receive a detailed report that shows them how many people have participated in the programme and their company’s health status. The employee data is aggregated and anonymised to give them a comprehensive picture of their company’s health, risk areas and improvements.

Neal Archbold, head of proposition and market development, Aviva UK Health said: “At Aviva we understand that managing the costs of sickness absence is a key focus for employers, but many do not have the tools or insight to enable them to do this effectively. Over the past year we’ve had increased interest from our corporate customers looking to work with us to implement pro-active solutions that help keep their employees mentally and physically healthy, whilst tackling their key risk areas. We’ve developed MyHealthCounts for Business to respond directly to this need.

“MyHealthCounts for Business offers tangible benefits for everyone. By showing that they care about their employees’ health, employers will almost certainly help boost staff morale and retention. And, as employees become healthier and happier their productivity should rise and sickness absence levels fall.

“The success of workplace wellness initiatives – and therefore the return achievable – depends on effective communication and long-term participation. That’s why we’re providing employers with all the tools they need to successfully introduce the scheme and to continue the momentum. And rather than just rewarding their employees for demonstrating good health, we’re also recognising the employers’ efforts by giving them a direct financial incentive for any improvements they make to their employees’ health profile.”

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