Aviva makes changes to critical illness cover

Michael Lloyd

July 15, 2019

Aviva has made changes to its critical illness cover by removing the condition of loss of speech and altering the extra care cover option.

Aviva has removed its condition of loss of speech as it claims to have not paid a single claim in 15 years and is not aware of a single claim being paid by any insurer.

The majority of instances are reportedly due to cancer or stroke which are included as separate conditions.

Alan Lakey, director at CIExpert, said: “The critical illness world has undergone a sea change in recent years with the old system of continuously adding conditions – many of which were virtually impossible to claim on – being jettisoned in favour of adding value and, wherever possible, reducing confusion.

“Both of the Aviva changes could be termed ‘tidying up’ as they serve to reduce complexity and also serve to reduce the condition numbers where feasible.”

Extra care is currently segmented into four sections and is now being reduced to three.

Section one is unchanged, whilst section two pays an additional £50,000 if the claimant is diagnosed with dementia, motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s disease or Parkinson plus syndrome.

The qualifying age is being raised from 50 to 55 and now includes kidney failure, liver failure, respiratory failure and heart failure, if the upgraded version is taken.

Section three has been adjusted whereby heart failure has been removed which has been moved into section two.

A further change includes an inability to perform three of six daily activities which replaces locked-in syndrome, permanently vegetative state and minimally conscious state.

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