B2L could be in for a seismic change

Robyn Hall

May 1, 2013

Improved availability of buy-to-let finance and better trading conditions are expected to fuel growth in the buy-to-let market from both existing landlords and new entrants.

Eddie Goldsmith, senior partner at Goldsmith Williams, said: “Buy-to-let landlords will find the private rented sector a tougher environment if the government’s plans reach fruition.

“Often amateur landlords and in particular accidental landlords are unaware of the full extent of their legal obligations as a landlord.

“Indeed for many these obligations only become apparent when problems occur.

“The entry of large scale institutional investors to this market place is likely to drive increasing professionalism. This will impact upon the amateur and “accidental” landlord who increasingly will be expected to raise their game.”

The solicitors said brokers and other advisers of these buy-to-let landlords can play their part in raising standards across the industry by leveraging their networks to recommend firms who are able to offer specialist legal services.

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