Banks must commit to increase lending

Nia Williams

February 16, 2010

Commenting on data from the Institute of Directors which shows that nearly 60% of businesses seeking bank finance in 2009/10 were rejected by their bank, and that 20% are financing their businesses to some extent with credit cards, he said: “There is a huge gap between what the banks tell us and the experience of companies on the ground.

“This evidence confirms that large numbers of small and medium sized businesses are still having difficulty in getting credit on reasonable terms.

“The nationalised and semi nationalised banks owe their existence to us, the taxpayer and they must make good on their commitments to increase lending at reasonable rates.

“Instead of paying themselves large bonuses, the money should instead be used to strengthen balance sheets and to provide commercial lending to sound and solvent British companies who have a vital role to play in our economic recovery.”

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