Barclays: Edinburgh and Glasgow fastest places to sell property

Jessica Nangle

November 20, 2019

Edinburgh and Glasgow are currently the fastest places to sell a property according to data from Barclays Mortgages and Hometrack.

Scotland is the fastest property market to sell a home, with the research revealing it takes just over one month to sell a home in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Homes across the UK are taking on average 84 days to sell, which is nine days longer than last year.

The picture across the UK is mixed, with areas such as Newcastle and Middlesbrough showing improved market conditions with properties taking 19 and 16 days less to sell than in 2018.

Homes in Derby have experienced the biggest increase in time spent on the property market, with properties taking almost one third longer to sell compared to last year.

Hannah Bernard, head of mortgages at Barclays, said: “The property market has many components to it which can make it tricky to navigate especially for first-time buyers.

“We want to help our customers become more knowledgeable about the overall market and provide a guide for them to make the most informed decisions they can when deciding to move home.

“Our research not only shows the changes in the market over the past year, but also acts as a predictor to what we might be able to expect in the months to come.

“We value our customers and do our best to speed up the process to get them to purchase their new home as fast as possible.

“We offer speedy home mortgage applications, averaging 11 days to process.

“By looking at the time of sale, prospective buyers and sellers can have a better overall knowledge of the time it may take to sell their home and where in the UK the changes are.

“Our aim is to make sure customers are confident in the decisions they make as well as aware and prepared for the financial implications associated with moving home.”

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