Barclays lowers minimum income requirement

Ryan Bembridge

December 12, 2018

Barclays has lowered its minimum income requirement for 5x income multiple criteria from £45,000 to £30,000.

The change is only up to a maximum loan-to-value of 80%.

A Barclays spokesman said: “We have made a positive change to our income multiple criteria that will make it easier for customers to access our 5x income multiple criteria.”

The minimum income requirement is still £45,000 between 80% and 85% LTV.

The debt to income ratio is calculated as existing monthly credit commitments/gross monthly income.

The maximum borrowing amount is capped by the lower of the affordability assessment, the income multiples cap or maximum loan to value.

Different income multiples apply for the family springboard range, premier and wealth customers and the Help to Buy schemes.

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