Barclays refreshes remortgage range

Ryan Bembridge

November 14, 2016

Barclays has refreshed its remortgage range with a selection of new products and rate reductions.

The lender’s new ‘great escape mortgages’, which come with no application fee, including 2-year fixes at 1.65% to 50% loan-to-value and 1.84% to 75% LTV.

Borrowers can also take out a 2-year tracker at 1.69% to 50% LTV and 5-year fixes at 2.15% to 50% LTV and 2.45% to 75% LTV.

Barclays has also added to its ‘reward range’ for existing Barclays customers, with mortgages including a 2.15% 5-year fix to 65% LTV and a 1.69% 2-year tracker at 65% LTV.

In terms of rate reductions Barclays’ 65% LTV great escape 2-year fix now stands at 2.95% after a 0.04% reduction.

And with its reward range 2-year fixes cost 1.65% to 65% LTV after a reduction of 0.13% and 1.84% to 80% LTV following a reduction of 0.04%. It’s 5-year fix to 80% LTV has also been cut by 0.03% to stand at 2.45%.

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