Barclays unveils its lowest ever 2-year fix

Mortgage Introducer

September 15, 2017

Barclays has launched its lowest ever 2-year fix at 1.09% to 60% loan-to-value with a £999 product fee.

At the same time the lender has introduced 2-year fixes at 1.45% to 60% LTV with no product fee and 1.25% to 80% LTV with a £999 fee.

Tracker-wise Barclays has launched a 2-year product, currently at 1.10%, with no product fee.

For customers rate switching or seeking a further advance Barclays has introduced a 1.09% 2-year fix with a £899 product fee to 60% LTV.

Craig Calder, director of Barclays Mortgages, said: “Autumn is set to be a busy period in the mortgage market, particularly within the remortgage sector, as many customers look to secure their mortgage before the festive season begins.

“We are very pleased to confirm the launch of these new products which coupled with the rate reductions that we are also making, will further enhance our already competitive mortgage product range.”

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