BASU launches homebuyer diary

Ramesh Sharma

April 15, 2006

buyerandsellerunited.com, provides buyers, sellers and their representatives with an alert system, SMS text messages and a diary of events so that each stage of the housing transaction process can be shown. Each part of the chain is able to see where the other is, interacting in real-time in an effort to save costs and increase efficiency and accountability within the house buying and selling process. People involved in the chain are also able to check everything is being conducted to schedule, reducing the stress and time spent on the house buying and selling process.

Speaking at the launch, Sandi Purl, managing director at Buyer and Seller United Ltd, said: “The service has exceeded all expectations. Our online portal offers cost savings and gives buyers and sellers up-to-date relevant information and accountability.”

Alistair Cree, solicitor and managing director of technology partners DPL, added that the system could easily grow. “Our unique technology delivers real advantages to everyone involved and provides the ability to expand the offering to other parties such as mortgage brokers and Home Information Pack (HIP) providers quickly and efficiently,” he said.

Peter O’Donovan, mortgage manager at Bestinvest, said the launch of BASU would help to see exactly where the chain was being held up. He commented: “The portal will certainly save a lot of time and allow people to see exactly where other people in the chain are and what they are doing or being held up on. It will provide a lot more openness and get rid of some of the stress involved. Anything that improves the openness of the transaction system has to be welcomed, but there is always going to be some kind of chasing up,” he added.

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