BDS beefs up commercial offering

Ariane Buteux

March 10, 2008

BDS Mortgages’ ARs can now access a commercial lending package which will offer them extra earning potential and the specialist support which needs to go hand in hand with this.

Bob Hope, sales & marketing director at BDS, said: “While there is no doubt that the commercial market is feeling the effects of the credit crunch it is still apparent there are a number of opportunities available to mortgage advisers.

“Enhancing propositions in certain market areas will provide our ARs with access to as many quality services and opportunities as possible and as our network continues to grow it is important that the offerings we provide keep pace with this growth but without diminishing our drive for quality.”

Brian Doling, principal at DB Associates, added: “We are delighted with the business relationship between DB Associates and BDS. We believe BDS will be equally pleased with this reciprocal arrangement and the commercial finance service we can provide.

“This new agreement will enable BDS brokers to offer a comprehensive lending package to their clients without any concern and enable them to boost their income, particularly as the credit crunch impacts adversely on some parts of the residential market.

“Business activity continues relatively undiminished, and such clients always have need of commercial finance.”

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