Beagle Street upgrades CI plan

Robyn Hall

July 18, 2013

Highclere Financial Services partner Alan Lakey said: “They have improved the wordings to eleven conditions and whilst they do not offer any partial payments their plan measures up well against competitors when assessing the main conditions.

“Commendably Beagle Street is backdating these wordings to last July and will be revisiting any declined claims to see whether they would now meet their claims criteria.”

The eleven conditions

Benign Brain Tumour

Their plan now includes surgery for removal of the tumour.


The 96 hours on life support has now been removed.

Coronary By-Pass Surgery

The requirement for splitting the chest bone (median sternotomy) has now been removed.

Heart Attack

The universal Troponin measurement for confirmation of a heart attack is;

“Troponins recorded at the following levels or higher

– Troponin T > 1.0 ng/ml

– AccuTnl > 0.5 ng/ml or equivalent threshold with other Troponin 1 methods

Beagle Street has reduced its requirement to Troponin T > 0.5 ng/ml and AccuTnl > 0.5 ng/ml.

This will enable it to accept claims from heart attack victims where, possibly due to delays,

Troponin levels have fallen back to more normal levels.

Heart Valve Surgery

The requirement for splitting the chest bone (median sternotomy) has now been removed.

Loss of Limbs

This definition has been amended to cover the physical loss of just one limb.

Major Organ Transplant

This definition now includes the transplant of a lobe of the liver or lung.

Multiple Sclerosis

The requirement for 6 months continuous symptoms has been removed.


This now covers paralysis of one limb.


The exclusion for traumatic injury to the brain or blood vessels has been removed.

Third Degree Burns

Cover has been extended to include third degree burns to 20% of the face.

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