Beaumont Legal appeals to brokers with tech offering

Sarah Davidson

April 19, 2016

Conveyancing firm Beaumont Legal has appealed to the broker market to consider using their services, claiming a recent technology overhaul has drastically improved service.

The firm is also in a recruitment push following its recent acquisition by US legal giant LegalZoom, the firm co-founded by Robert Shapiro – OJ Simpson’s former defence attorney.

LegalZoom’s technology-enabled approach to legal services has propelled them to being a household name brand in the US where they have over 70% brand recognition and have served over 2 million customers.

The newly enhanced conveyancing portal online instruction and payment, instant search ordering, online ID and all property information forms – all of which can be done from the client’s mobile.

LegalZoom UK chief executive Craig Holt said: “We’ve made a number of immediate technology improvements that we are confident will make a big difference.

“Moving home should be a fantastic experience, whereas today it can be slow, stressful, paperwork heavy and poor communication can cause headaches to both broker and client.

“Our new tech drags some of the more inconvenient elements of conveyancing into the 21st century but we’ve really only just begun to scratch the surface in terms of the plans we have.

“We want to make the decision for brokers to introduce Beaumont Legal to their clients a no-brainer in terms of the level of service we provide.”

There’s also a new message/chat centre inside the portal which is due to be available 7 days-a-week and will be open to brokers as well as clients for better communication.

Holt added: “A number of initial steps in the conveyancing process that could typically take up to two to three weeks of exchanging post and email can now be done in around 30 minutes at any time of the day – significantly reducing the overall time for the transaction.”

He also revealed an app was in development which would “be ground-breaking for both the broker and client in terms of the ease and levels of transparency, control and visibility it brings to the whole home moving process”.

Holt also appealed to intermediaries. He said: “We really want brokers to be able to recommend us with complete confidence, on whatever platform for conveyancing they use.

“We very much hope that brokers who haven’t used us before or for some time will consider recommending this new Beaumont Legal service to their clients and enable us to demonstrate the impact of some of our early work on the client experience.”

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