Beverley Building Society hires chairman

Michael Lloyd

April 9, 2019

Beverley Building Society has appointed Stuart Purdy as chairman.

Purdy (pictured) has worked at financial services brands, including RSA and Aviva, delivering hange in senior leadership roles in Europe, Asia and India.

He is currently a non-executive director at financial mutuals British Friendly and Scottish Life, part of Royal London.

He said: “Over the years I have seen just how powerful outstanding service can be in businesses, particularly in organisations with a purpose centred on delivering benefits for their members.

“It’s great to see businesses move towards the next stage of their evolution and do it in a way which remains beneficial to those they serve.

“Mutual organisations have a special responsibility to be at all times focussed on member benefits and delivering what is in their members’ best interests – while at the same time recognising the requirement of them to be modern and relevant, and offer appropriate products and services for people’s changing needs.

“I think there is a very different opportunity at the Beverley. It’s a financially strong and capable organisation with a very effective team and an outstanding reputation for customer service.

“Having worked in York for General Accident earlier on in my career, this is also an opportunity for me to renew my links with the Yorkshire region, which I very much welcome.

“The question we are currently asking ourselves is ‘how can we make sure our great service remains appropriate for our current and future members, rooted in a place with such a strong sense of community?”

Karl Elliott, Beverley Building Society chief executive, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to welcome such a skilled and experienced new chairman as Stuart on board.

“His knowledge, experience and insight will be invaluable to us and I am very much looking forward to us all benefiting from his guidance, wisdom and leadership in helping us achieve our ambitious goals for the future.”

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