Biggest ever secured loans giveaway

Robyn Hall

November 7, 2012

Introducers who submit sold applications to Loans Warehouse from 5 November to 17 December will be placed into a draw to win prizes awarded by secured loan lenders.

The Christmas competition is designed to drive secured loan business and rival the pre-credit crunch days.

Matt Tristram, joint managing director of Loans Warehouse, said: “I am very pleased with the success we have seen in the secured loan sector this year.

“Data from the secured loan index has put lending over £30m for three months in a row and we’re steadily advancing on those 2009 levels. I want to introduce something that will really push secured loan lending in quarter four and end 2012 on a high.”

Paul Stringer, director of Norton Finance, said: “With Christmas coming up and many customers adding to existing credit card debts this is the ideal time for them to consider a secured loan to ensure their monthly commitments are manageable.

“With the continued restricted availability of mortgage products the flexibility of a secured loan is the ideal solution to customers’ credit needs.”

The first prize draw will take place on 3 December 2012.

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