Birmingham-based mortgage underwriter wins the lottery

Michael Lloyd

November 11, 2019

A mortgage underwriter in Birmingham has won £1m on the National Lottery, the national press has reported.

Jodie Scullion, 22, spent £5 playing the £1m ‘Run For Your Money’ game and beat one in 4,990,000 odds to win.

Scullion lives in Northfield and now plans to buy her own home and continue working as an underwriter.

She told The Sun: “I can’t believe I won first time I played.

“It’ll set me up for life. I can help my parents who have looked after me and treat myself.

“As someone who works with mortgages, it’s unreal that I’m going to buy my own house without a loan.

“When I won, I didn’t think it was real. Dad told everyone to keep calm because he knew that the whole family would start screaming.

“We just sat there crying then laughing, then crying again, and talked for hours about what I could do with the money.”

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