Birmingham has best schools vs. house prices

Mortgage Introducer

August 19, 2015

The study by eMoov found that King Edward VI Handsworth School in Birmingham is the best state school for GCSE grades against property prices, which average at just £107,305.

Other strong schools were in The Blue Coat School in Liverpool (£132,866), Devonport High School for Girls in Plymouth (£141,621), Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School (£154,706), Lawrence Sheriff School in Rugby (£159,126), The Crossley Heath School in Halifax (£154,091), Upton Hall School FCJ in Wirral (£160,978) and Southend High School for Girls (£200,103).

Russell Quirk, founder and chief executive of eMov.co.uk, said: “Property and schooling go hand in hand. Our research shows securing a place at your desired school by moving to its catchment area, is a driving factor for many.

“It is one of the major life stages where property is concerned, first we get a foot on the ladder, then we climb a rung or two to start a family, then we turn our attention to educating our children.

“Unfortunately we aren’t all in the desirable position whereby we can wave our children off to a prestigious private school. This latest eMoov study identifies the top performing schools in the country where property in the surrounding area is relatively affordable.”

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