Blacks launch holiday and home parks conveyancing service

Sam Cordon

October 14, 2013

Earlier this year the law regarding the sale of residential park homes changed; previously, sellers of residential park homes had to get consent from the park owner to sell their home.

Now, the seller needs to notify the park owner three weeks before the sale completes. The park owner can object to a proposed sale but only on very limited grounds.

David Gilman, partner in charge of Blacks Connect, said: “With the law regarding the sale of residential park homes changing in May this year we have put together a specialist holiday and home park conveyancing service for those who are selling or purchasing a park home, such as a static caravan or a lodge.

“Whereas prior to this park site owners had greater control and say over who the seller was able to sell to, this has now been made unlawful with site owners only allowed to contest the sale on very limited grounds.

“The new law does however mean that a specific process must be completed in order to sell a residential park home which involves prescribed statutory forms being used in a set order.

“Blacks Connect can handle all parts of this process providing peace of mind to clients plus brokers can easily quote and instruct on our online platform as they would for any residential conveyancing case with us.”

For homes which have been installed since 26 May, the process is even more simple as in these cases there is no need to provide the three weeks’ notice. However, the parties must follow a strict new process to keep within the law.

The law for holiday home sales has not changed at this stage but is likely to be reviewed depending on how the changes to the residential park homes are implemented.

Blacks Connect now offer brokers’ clients access to a specialist holiday and home park conveyancing team who are experts in park home law. They are able to guide sellers through the disclosure process and carry out due diligence on behalf of buyers.

Blacks provide a range of fixed-price packages for both sellers and buyers, and can handle all aspects of the transaction including the transfer of funds and part exchanges, if required.

Brokers can quote and instruct for holiday and home park conveyancing in the normal manner through Blacks’ online system. The platform allows brokers full functionality from generating a quote to online case tracking.

Blacks Connect also recently launched a range of new products and services for use by brokers themselves and their clients including an online will-writing service which is able to produce a Will in as little as 15 minutes.

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