Blemain Group can help First National Brokers

Nia Williams

April 8, 2009

Gary Bailey, Director at Blemain Group said: “Blemain Group has a strong appetite for new business and substantial funding in place. We offer a similar range of products to those that were available from First National, including regulated first charges via Cheshire Mortgage Corporation and second charges via Blemain Finance. We cater for a diverse range of niche lending requirements and our new plans cover the whole spectrum of client status, from prime though light adverse to heavy adverse.

“We would be happy to consider any business from brokers who have been unable to submit their cases to First National in time, and even if a case falls outside of our standard criteria we will always take a view and work with brokers to try and find a solution.”

Brokers are invited to visit www.brokervenue.co.uk where they can register and access the latest plans and documents for all Blemain Group lenders. Alternatively, they can also call 0844 873 4182 and speak directly to a Business Development Executive.

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