Blemain launches equitable charge plans

Grant Bather

June 15, 2006

This is to further assist brokers in placing a wider range of deals they may otherwise lose.

Typically consent is declined by first charge lenders if there are mortgage arrears or if the client has not had the mortgage for 6 months or more.

Loan terms of between 3 to 25 years and unlimited CCJs and arrears are offered.

The four offers are also available:

  • A 2% discount for 1 year
  • An initial 3 months interest free payment holiday
  • Interest only for the full term
  • 6 months cash back

Gary Bailey, Director, says: “This latest innovative plan continues our determination to give finance brokers a wide range of options to find solutions for their clients whilst still receiving excellent commissions. Feedback from brokers indicates that there is definitely a requirement for an equitable charge facility in the market and I’m pleased

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