Blu Debt teams up with Paymentshield

Nia Williams

September 1, 2010

This new partnership will help advisers to better assist their clients with their current debt problems and protect them in the future.

Together Blu Debt Management and Paymentshield will carry out 18 joint seminars for mortgage advisers and IFAs throughout the country. The seminars will help advisers to provide solutions for their clients with debt problems and will illustrate how they can use carefully targeted insurance products to do the best for their clients going forwards.

Once an adviser has reduced the cost of a client’s unsecured debts to a manageable level, the client is able to reinstate many of their insurance policies which have usually been cancelled. This ensures the clients are protected against unforeseen events and gives them peace of mind at a price they can now afford. The adviser then receives an ongoing income from both the debt management policy and the insurance.

James Briggs, sales director at Blu Debt Management said, “Demand for debt advice is growing rapidly as the mortgage market remains restricted, so Blu is forming strategic partnerships to help advisers provide their clients with long term support.

“Blu’s partnership with Paymentshield will help advisers provide a solution for a client’s immediate and future needs, helping them to develop lasting customer relationships and create an ongoing form of income.”

Scott Thomson from Paymentshield who will be providing support for brokers at the forthcoming national workshops explained: “Whenever a broker crosses the path of a client it is important to ensure the client had adequate protection for their property no matter what stage of their financial life they’re at.

“Particularly now, with unemployment set to increase further and little sign of economic recovery, it is paramount that a clients’ future plans are protected from loss of income as a result of accident, sickness or unemployment. ”

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