Bookie Fred Done backs Goldentree Financial Services

Nia Williams

July 16, 2010

He has invested with the aim of creating movement in a stagnant property lending marketplace.

Goldentree Financial Services specialise in secured bridging loans for the commercial and buy-to-let property sectors, giving short-term financial support during a difficult lending climate.

Commenting, Fred Done said: “It’s no secret that it has not been the best of times for the property market and the people operating within it.

“Today, even as the sector begins to recover, it is still difficult for many companies and individuals to get the quick short-term finance solutions they require to secure property due to the maze of banking demands.”

By investing in Goldentree, Fred plans to make the facility of short-term funding available to brokers, individuals and companies who require short-term financial solutions, and don’t have time to wait on the bank’s decision making process.

Fred added: “We have experienced some tough times, and I hope that by making funds available I can kick start lending during a difficult property climate.”

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