Borro helped Star Wars designer battle George Lucas

Ryan Bembridge

January 11, 2016

Borro funded original Star Wars industrial designer Andrew Ainsworth as he fought director George Lucas in court for distribution rights.

Ainsworth needed £100,000 to pay for legal fees as he wrestled for the right to sell Stormtrooper sets of armour in the UK using the mould he created in 1976.

Borro raised the funds against the moulds in a matter of days after another property lender was unable to help.

Ainsworth won the case but was left in financial difficulty after putting all he had into legal costs.

Borro came to an agreement that allowed him to access the moulds for 48 hour periods to enable him to continue production and continue building up his business and he has now paid back the loan in full.

He currently ships around 4,000 items a year around the world at a cost of £600-1,700 per asset using the moulds.

Claire Barrington-Jones, group sales director, said: “Our unique ability to leverage against a number of different asset classes that can be sold at auction, house as well as property means we can look at things many other lenders would have to turn away.

“This particular item was challenging to value but we utilised our relationships with leading auction houses and were able to assist the client in raising his funds quickly.

“Our business is built on creating lending facilities that are flexible and give the client the best chance of repayment, we specialise in combining luxury assets with property lending to get clients the figures they need to make things happen.

“It’s wonderful to see Andrew’s business is successful and we played a small part in helping him achieve this when more traditional forms of lending were not an option.”

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