BoS offers existing mortgage customers cashback

Nia Williams

October 25, 2013

Designed to help with the costs of buying a new home, the offer will give £250 cashback to customers who take out a new mortgage between 25th October 2013 and 24th January 2014.

The key features of the offer are:

 Bank of Scotland will give £250 cashback towards the cost of moving home.

 The offer is available on an exclusive range of Bank of Scotland mortgages.

 Available from 25th October 2013 until 24th January 2014.

 The offer is available in conjunction with other Home mover offers available to new customers.

Nicola Noble, mortgage and bancassurance director at Bank of Scotland, said: “At Bank of Scotland we don’t forget about you as soon as you have your mortgage, we want to give you all the help and support you need if you’re moving home or looking for additional borrowing.

“There are numerous costs incurred with buying a home and we want to reward customers for their loyalty. By offering existing mortgage customers £250 cashback towards the cost of moving home when they take out a new mortgage with us, we hope to make homemoving that little less expensive for them.”

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