#BrexitDay: Industry tweets so far


March 29, 2017

The letter that will trigger Article 50 is set to be delivered at 12.30pm and will mark the beginning to two years of negotiations to exit the European Union.

We look at some of tweets so far from both our vaunted politicians and the industry:

We start with Prime Minister Theresa May

Jennifer Rankin, Brussels correspondent at The Guardian, was on hand to see the arrival of the letter

However property expert Henry Pryor sees it happening somewhat differently

Whilst London Money is hoping the letter is returned

Reaction to the final act has been mixed. Will Lloyd of Brightstar reflects on what he sees as a sad day for the UK

As does Coreco’s Rob Gill

Stuart Gregory is getting philosophical

Broker and letting agent Adam Hosker is warning of Brexit denial

Whilst RICS has advice for all

With Coreco spokesperson Andrew Montlake summing that its time to look forward

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