Bridge too far for ‘Europe’ at Complete FS’ Ryder Cup

Robyn Hall

September 26, 2012

Talking after the 11-5 defeat of his mortgage team, team captain Tony Salentino said: “Hopefully this is not a sign that Europe might lose the real thing this weekend but we are feeling pretty low at the loss.

“We put up a spirited performance but at the end of the day the bridging team were too strong. However all this has done is strengthen our resolve to beat the bridging team next year.

“The truth is they had lady luck on their side this year but next year we will be hungry for revenge, so watch out.”

Rival captain of the bridging team representing the USA, Phil Jay, was suitably jubilant.

He said: “Our short term objective was to win the hole and move quickly on to the next which we achieved with great success.

“We hit fairways and greens in regulation all too often. Let’s face it as bridgers we do like regulation. I’m proud of this win and every team member contributed to this victory. We look forward to next year and hope it’s a bit closer.”

The day’s play was held at the Meon Valley Golf and Country Club, in perfect conditions with the biggest winner being Cancer Research with over £1000 being raised.

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